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ProHost Table Managment

ProHost Table Management is the industry’s first and leading full featured and powerful tool
to coordinate and streamline your operations to get more customers seated, served and satisfied.
With thousands of installations under our belt, we are the performance and value leader.

Industry-Leading Quote Time Calculator

Device and Systems Integration

Quote wait times with confidence as ProHost
automatically learns your table turn times

Device and POS integration are just
some of the optional services we offer

Maximize Your Table Inventory

Reasonably Priced, Solid, and Dependable

Waitlist management, large party management,
and next table seating algorithm offer ways to
make the most of your table turns

We are continually adding value to the
product by updating and creating features
that ensure we stay the industry leader

ProHost Table Managment

•    Full featured table management, customizable to meet your operating model
•    Best wait time calculator in the industry results in reduced customer walkouts
•    Better guest service to create repeat business
View Reports •    Better staff organization and communication
•    More efficent table touches
•    Automatic server rotation eliminates station overload
•    Increased productivity of staff and reduction of staff turnover
•    Management information at your fingertips
•    Increased table turns and seat utilization for greater profitability

ProHost Table Managment

•     Accurate wait time quotes - best in the industry
•     Immediate table status information
•     Occupied time displayed on table
•     Automated table selection with server rotation
RSViP Integration •     Large party seating management
•     Multiple server lists with simple table assignment
•     Automated wait list management
•     Same-day reservations
•     Integrate to RSViP for advanced reservations
•     Call-ahead guest management feature
•     Guest paging and message center integration
•     Seated guest list
•     Table clearing from each table or bus station
•     POS integration
•     Operational data report generation and export
•     Easy setup and modification