ESP Resturant Technology

RSViP Reservations

RSViP is a feature-rich reservation system used in 1000’s of Casinos, Restaurants, Resorts, and Hotels
around the world. Fully scalable in size and options (including web reservations),
it is the solution to manage the reservation process while capturing important customer details.

No Charge per Reservation

Fast and Easy Web Reservations

Lower your costs today; No hidden fees

Easy to install optional widget that keeps
guests on your website

Low Cost, Solid and Dependable


We are continually adding value to the
product by updating and creating features
that ensure our place as the industry leader

From a single restaurant to enterprise-wide
call centers with multiple restaurants, the
product can be tailored to your size

RSViP Reservations

•    No per reservation charges
•    Take reservations for multiple restaurants centrally
•    No switching between programs and re-entering data
•    Make a reservation in 7 seconds flat
View Reports •    Data reporting designed with the multi-unit operator in mind
•    Solid and reliable operation
•    You own and control your customer data
•    Multiple points of use
•    Reduce labor costs through improved efficiency
•    Integrate with leading LMS and CRM systems
•    Improved customer service and customer recognition
•    Create VIP blocking and segmentation
•    Increase return customers, because of customer mailers
•    Extensive customer tracking, including special events, birthdays and requests

RSViP Reservations

•    Central database – you own and control your data
•    Fast and efficient reservation entry
•    Manage multiple restaurants
Guest Characteristics •    Multi-unit data reporting
•    Remote access and log-in
•    Configurable seat blocking to meet your needs
•    Customer search by phone or name
•    View guest history, preference and special requests
•    Reservations list for seating guests
•    Integrates to the ProHost wait list
•    Display table availability by time slot
•    Generate reports for single location or enterprise wide
•    Automatic confirmation number generation
•    Tracks cancellations and no-shows

RSViP Reservations
Web Reservations

•    No charge per reservation
Web Reservation Widget •    Give your guest new access with web reservations
•    Widget embeds into your site; Code is cut and paste
•    Keep guests on your site
•    Avoid redirecting to another company’s site
•    Easy to put into your site
•    Compatible with current browsers and cell phones
•    Take your guests to your Facebook or Twitter page
•    Track web reservations through RSViP reporting